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Royal Pharmacy in Kuwait was established with a strong commitment to providing the best health and beauty services to the community. We offer a wide range of high-quality products, from pharmaceutical medicines and nutritional supplements to skincare, haircare, and beauty products.

Royal Pharmacy prides itself on a team of specialized health professionals who provide continuous medical advice and support to customers. We take pride in our excellent services and superior product quality that meet all customer needs.

Royal Pharmacy looks forward to continuing to provide the best pharmaceutical care in Kuwait, promoting health and beauty for all customers.

Our main target at Royal pharmacy

Is to never run short and never run out of any pharmaceutical products; simply put the term lack has no definition in our field of operation and if any item happens to be missing from our shelves at the point of purchase, we are able to provide it immediately to our client's thanks to our well-kept stocks of medical products. Our wide-ranging products include but are not limited to the following categories:

  • Pharmaceutical prescription medications;
  • Non-prescription medications (OTC)
  • Health & Wellness products
  • Skin, Beauty& Personal Care products
  • Lenses, reading glasses, optic corner
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies/span
  • Homecare Medical Supplies
  • Mobility Solutions (crutches, walkers, wheelchairs)


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Its promise of being close to you wherever you are, Royal Group was intentional in having a full geographic coverage of the state of Kuwait. The 50+ branches are strategically dispersed across the country to reach the maximum number of customers, catering for the needs of the diverse population groups in Kuwait. With such strategic locations, Royal pharmacy are able to reach more than one million customers per year. Find the nearest RG pharmacy to you (Hyperlink to google maps). A team of highly trained pharmacists is keen not only to dispense medication and meet any health-related concern but also to make sure that customer interactions are vibrant and personalized as much as possible.

This is best

Manifested in the services offered by our pharmacy. Such Services include:

  • 24/7 operations in modern, secure, clean, and spacious setups
  • Efficient operations in digitally connected pharmacy with individual internet access and latest medical retail system
  • State-wide coverage through a dependable free service system
  • On-call qualified pharmacists with multi-lingual capabilities to ensure the highest level of service
  • Free height, weight, blood glucose, and blood pressure monitoring
  • Free hair and skin assessment
  • Acceptance of most insurance plans and we provide exclusive benefits and services to our insured members.
  • Computerized profiles for chronic and regular patients; when required
  • General information and consultation on general health topics and/or drug to drug interaction (both on-site and via a centralized help-line)
  • Immediate action on market and/or MOH update (new product additions and Recalls)

Manged by Royal International Medical Group Company

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